Alex Jones, Pittsburgh, PA

I would certainly recommend Montreal VIP to anyone looking for a customized bachelor party experience in the amazing city of Montreal. My host worked with me to plan a trip which the entire group of 8 agreed was excellent. Be specific about what you want, and your host will deliver! These guys know what’s going on in the city on any given night, and they will make sure you have a great time! The women of Montreal are stunning, the food is amazing, and it’s easy to get a cab. There’s also plenty of culture around if you have time. Don’t miss the casino! It’s modern, classy, and the casino staff are friendly and welcoming. The only downside is you can’t drink at the table, but the casino bars are very nice and have outiside balconies. Karting is thrilling if you have never done it before, and every F1 champion in history started in one of these things. The DJ at the club we hit was excellent, which made the crowd go crazy. The strip clubs are definitely solid and you will be treated very well. The list goes on and on – thanks again!