Strip clubs FAQ

Do the dancers expect/demand tips?

Since the dancers are freelance and do not work for the clubs, they pocket all the money from dances. Therefore you are NOT expected to tip.

My buddy suggested some clubs. Can you set us up there?

You will find that everyone and their friend's friend that has ever visited Montreal strip clubs has a recommendation. Since the dancers are freelance, the recommended club might not be as good as the night your buddy went years ago. We prefer to suggest to our guests clubs that we know will be consistently very good. Our years of experience and research enable us to recommend clubs that offer a lot more to our guests than the typical big name clubs that tend to be tourist traps. However, if you wish to visit a specific strip club, we can make the arrangements.

Are Montreal strip clubs any good?

Montreal is famous for its strip clubs. You will find over forty strip clubs right in the heart of downtown Montreal, showcasing some of the most beautiful girls in Canada. Our strip clubs are some of the most liberal and economical in North America.

What are the lap dances like?

In Montreal there are two styles of lap dances, full contact and non contact. Non contact is similar to the lap dances found at many American strip clubs. You aren't allowed to touch the strippers during the dances. Full contact is where you are allowed and encouraged to touch the dancers during the dances. All FC dances are held in private booths and are only $10 per song.

Do the strip clubs offer both full contact and non contact dances?

No, the strip clubs are either full contact or non contact only. The majority of the strip clubs in Montreal are full contact. However some of the big name strip clubs are non contact only.

Which clubs are non contact?

A lot of the big name strip clubs in Montreal are non contact. Chez Paree, and Wanda's are all non contact strip clubs therefore you are not allowed to touch the stripper.

Is full contact legal?

Yes, full contact dancing is perfectly legal in Montreal.

Are the girls hotter at non contact clubs?

No, in Montreal the strippers do not work for the clubs, they pay an entrance fee and pocket all the money from their dances. Many girls work at both non contact and full contact clubs, therefore one cannot say the girls are hotter at non contact clubs

How is the atmosphere? Are the girls aggressive? Will the bug me for my money all night? If not can I still approach them?

Overall, the strip clubs in Montreal have a relaxed atmosphere. The dancers are respectful and less aggressive than your typical U.S. strip club such as Scores or NYC Dolls, so not every girl in the club is going to approach you to solicit a dance or a drink. Establishments do not have any problem with clients that just want to relax and take in the sights. The lack of attention from the girls can be intimidating at first; however you will find that the girls are easy to approach and receptive to your requests. If you are shy or uncomfortable in soliciting a dancer, you can always have one of our guides or a waitress do it for you.

How late are the strip clubs open?

All strip clubs in Montreal close at 3am daily.

What are the best times/days to go to Montreal strip clubs?

Montreal dancers are freelance dancers, meaning they can dance at any club they want. Therefore the quantity and quality of the talent can vary at a club from night to night. The peak times are usually after 9pm with weekends being better than weekdays. Overall, there tends to be less deviation in quality at some of the better strip clubs.

How expensive are the strip clubs? Dances? Drinks?

Montreal strip clubs are some of the most economical around. Private full contact dances are only $10-15 (Canadian) per song, an exceptional value when compared to the $20-50 per song for a NON contact dance in NYC or Las Vegas. Drinks are also reasonably priced for a strip club, with prices ranging from $5-8 per drink during peak hours, and can be less with happy hour specials during week days.