What to Bring to Montreal Strip Clubs

First What Not to Bring:

No credit card at strip clubs

If you do bring the credit card anyways and realize it’s a bad idea, give it to a trustworthy friend.

NOTE: No one is a trustworthy friend who you hand over your credit card to during a Montreal bachelor party at a strip club!

No American money!

We admit she might not turn away your hundred dollar bill. But keep those 1 dollar bills to yourself, and schedule “rain” at your own peril.

The pole dance is the audition for the lap dances. Tipping is nice and will get you noticed, but making it rain screams take advantage of me, I am an ignorant tourist.

 No song requests

Nice try, but requesting Stairway to Heaven will not get you a super-long lap dance.

If you have a special idea for a song for the groom, for example, why not request it to us for a private show at the hotel? Available with our gold and platinum bachelor party packages.

No cameras

OK, everyone has cameras on their phones these days. But cell phones should not come out at any time at the strip clubs, and especially never to take any pictures, which is forbidden.

What to Bring:


Cash is king at the strip clubs.

 A VIP Host

Even the best strip clubs in Montreal vary in quality of girls and service on different nights. So to make sure that your amazing night goes off smoothly as planned, one of our VIP hosts in your best safeguard against sub-par strip club experiences.