Planning Guide

Planning Guide to a Montreal Bachelor Party

Planning Guide for a successful bachelor party extravaganza

Planning guide is here to help best man and the crew make sure everything is set prior to the bachelor party extravaganza. We recommend you start with the basic details.

Watch the video below for a quick tour of what our bachelor parties are all about:

Talk to the groom

Talk to the groom before you start to plan his bachelor party. Your goal is less to figure out what he wants than it is to develop a list of what he does not want. You need to know what he will not tolerate. Nothing brings a party to a screeching halt like an unwelcome surprise.

Determine who to invite

Confirm your intended guest list with the groom. Consider carefully any invitations you plan to extend solely out of courtesy. The last thing you want is someone in your group who’ll feel out of place. You don’t want to spend your time at a wild Montreal VIP bachelor party tending to an unhappy guest.

Determine the date of the trip

A bachelor party should take place no less than one month prior to the wedding, on a date that best accommodates those who wish to attend.

Montreal comes alive in summer. If your group loves comedy or racing or beer, to name a few themes of our many local summer festivals, we can help you choose a date that will coincide with a relevant festival. Keep in mind, however, that bachelor parties during the larger festivals such as the Canadian Grand Prix may cost you more.

The hot Montreal night clubs and Montreal strip clubs stay lively all year round. You can be sure to see plenty of students from the Montreal’s many major universities and other women enjoying the nightlife across the city.

Who will attend?

Planning a bachelor party is simpler once you know the size of your group. A group of 20 needs to plan for transportation and accommodations more carefully than does a group of five. Keep in mind that bachelor parties commonly dwindle in size as the night goes on. If you start with 20-30 people, you may end up with only five to ten by the end of the festivities.

Calculate a budget

Not everyone in your party will be willing to spend the same amount on a party, and that can frustrate you. You don’t want to leave people behind, and you don’t want higher spenders to feel too economical. We think it’s best to survey your group early in the planning stage. Simply ask each guest what he’d be comfortable spending.

Affordable budget for all crew members

While the MIT computer whiz of the group is willing to spend as much as it takes to see nude women, your other buddy may not have the means and is still living in his parent’s basement. There are several routes available to solve budget discrepancies.

One solution is to have high rollers or close friends contribute to the overall budget. This will help lower the costs and still keep the party affordable for all that wish to attend.

Our VIP service is able to provide you with a level of service and access that you would never be able to obtain on your own. We also include a personal VIP host with each group that is on call to take care of the group and handle issues including nightlife aspects so you can spend your time having the best bachelor party.

The next step is to get an idea of what you plan to do for your bachelor party, covered in our Bachelor Party Ideas section.

If you have any questions about the bachelor party planning guide, we invite you to contact us today. As Montreal’s leading bachelor party planners, it will be our pleasure to answer your questions.