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New City Gas

New City Gas summary: Montreal nightclub and concert venue, international DJs every weekend, Thursday night cocktail hour (often goes until midnight), new  place for shows in Montreal nightlife. Great spot for the weekend for people who life Vegas style clubs

Why guys love it: sweet terrace and industrial venue in Griffintown, loud, quality music, questionably late closing hours, questionably loose morals

Location: 950 rue Ottawa

Le Lab

Le Lab summary: Laid-back Montreal bar / modern speakeasy with high quality cocktails and flair bartending (“labtending”), including drinks set on fire for drinking and even juggling.

Why guys love it: world-class wacky drinks with every ingredient imaginable and not, trendy place to see and be seen in Montreal nightlife, toasting the groom for a Montreal bachelor party in style, and if fancy drinks don’t impress you, who can argue with the entertainment value of a side order of flames?

Location: 1351 rue Rachel Est

Big in Japan Bar

Big in Japan Bar summary: Not the same place as Big in Japan Restaurant, Big in Japan Bar serves Japanese whisky and is a hot spot in Montreal nightlife…But you wouldn’t know it from walking by, as there is no sign on entrance, i.e., red graffiti-covered door beside Patati Patata in the Plateau.

Why guys love it: If you see a girl you want to avoid while you are here, you can leave mid-bottle and come back another day! Inspired by authentic Japanese whisky bars, bottles are marked by your name so you can come back for them another day.

Location: 3723 St Laurent Blvd