Couple Retreats

Couple-Friendly Montreal Strip Clubs

Guy don’t want chocolates, flowers, or a sappy movie for Valentine’s Day…But if you are looking to spice things up (and are up for it!) you can definitely blow him away with the gift of Montreal strip clubs for a couple’s getaway!

Are women welcome at Montreal strip clubs?

While girlfriends may not be welcome at most Montreal bachelor parties, women are very welcome at Montreal’s strip clubs: male and female. In fact, many Montreal strip clubs (with female dancers) let women in for free cover…Still, don’t forget to tip the bouncer.

Are Montreal strip clubs couple-friendly?

Most Montreal strip clubs are very couple-friendly, but it depends on the type of strip club you are looking for.

The “safe” route: Non-contact strip clubs

Clubs deemed “classier” because they are non-contact (such as Chez Parée, although FYI they do now offer private contact dances) are often very popular with couples, and you will often see many others couples there when you go.

The naughty route: full contact strip clubs

If she is really up for it, Montreal’s full contact strip clubs are friendly to strippers as well, and more than happy to perform lap dances for couples where either one of you can watch or both join in on the fun. You will often see a handful of other couples at these clubs, as well.

Lap dances

Some Montreal strip clubs (especially non contact ones) will do lap dances out in the open (called ‘table dances’ at no-contact strip clubs), but many will give you the option of this or of more private entertainment…So if you are into entertaining yourselves and not necessarily all the skeezes at the club, make sure you go for the private lap dances.

While Montreal strip clubs are couple-friendly, they aren’t a standard feature of our couple’s getaway package for a reason…They are not for everyone. However, if you are up for it, going through us is the way to go, as without careful planning and the right insider’s connections and wisdom, your quest for fantasy can turn nightmarish fast. [Post about possible problems couples encounter at Montreal strip clubs coming soon.