Bachelorette Party

Montreal Strip Club for Women: le 281

If you are planning a Montreal bachelorette party, le 281 is basically a must not only because it’s the only Montreal strip club with male dancers (for women others are mostly frequented by gay men) but because the guys there are actually really hot.

Le 281 is a longstanding legend that pretty much every girl in Montreal, their Mom and their little sister (18 and over!) has been to for a bachelorette party in Montreal…And for good reason (namely, the previously mentioned premium Canadian bacon)!

Whether you are a girl browsing bachelorette party ideas to go or a guy curious about what exactly will go down here when your girlfriend or fiancée comes, here’s the low down on le 281:

What is it like?

The curiosity-inducing curtain at around 8:30, kicking the entertainment off with the foreplay of some hilarious but hot “Back-Back Street Boys” type dance moves. Other shows to expect throughout the evening include stage shows, each with a different, Calendar-Hunk-esque type theme (painter, businessman, even, yes, Titanic). Often, guys will get the stage show “victim” to tie them up, spank them, even get on top of them for something that well…Certainly does involve contact!

When the curtain closes between shows, the boys start making the rounds for lap dances.

All in all? Expect to be a lot more entertained that you may have bargained for, both in laughter and lust!

Lap dances?

The kinda bad new (if you are a girl—jealous guys, breathe a sigh of relief): No contact* (no touching the dancers). The up side? The lapdances are only $10, the dancers get fully ‘Monty’d (naked), and they might just touch you. They don’t get on your lap, they usually put a stool in front of you and perform an erotic dance up close and personal…But most ladies find these “close encounters of the third kind of leg” to be quite sufficient, especially considering the quality specimen who is ‘delivering the package…’ Also, they often will ask you to touch them during a lap dance or a stage show.

*Wondering WTF?

Don’t worry, if you are looking to rival the groom’s Montreal bachelor party strippers “tit for tat”, of course Sin Cité has a full contact answer for that! If you are looking for full contact male strippers for her bachelorette party, we can hook your group up with a sexy full contact show with male strippers at the hotel or at your house.


Cover: $7 on Thursdays, $12 on Fridays and Saturdays. Tip the bouncer to get a decent seat and yes, you have to get drinks while you are there. As mentioned above, lap dances are $10, and you can also get half hour lap dances for $70.


Unlike in Montreal strip clubs for men (note: women are welcome in those too!), you can get a picture with the dancers at le 281 for a $12 fee. (If the bride-to-be has a jealous fiancée, be forewarned that the cost may be far greater!).


Yes, you can expect lineups. So if you want a good seat (because the place is massive, with some seats a long way away from the stage), get there before 8pm, although if not in a big group, expect to get seated with others…

…Or, if you aren’t messing around, go with us. No lineups, best seats in the house, best service, guaranteed, all night long.

Stage shows?

Yep, we can definitely hook you up with a stage show for the blushing bride, or you can make arrangements with the club in advance.
Our customizable bachelorette party packages can include VIP at this or other Montreal strip clubs (at le 281, VIP booths offer greater intimacy and will get you the best attention and treatment for your group), including VIP entry: especially great for the ever-popular le 281, where the lineups on weekends get as long as the…well, you get the idea.
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