Montreal Strip Clubs

Montreal Strip Clubs

There are a few things you probably already know about Montreal strip clubs: they’re full of sexy dancers, they offer dances at more affordable prices than clubs in many other cities, and they’re an integral part of almost every Montreal bachelor party. However, there are also probably a few things you didn’t know about Montreal strip clubs…

Full-contact dances are the same price as non-contact ones: Yep, that’s right. A performance that requires you to keep your hands to yourself and one that allows you to let them roam are the same price. Need we ask which one you’re going to choose?

Montreal strippers are freelancers: This means they can dance at any club they choose. Because of this, the quality of dancers at clubs can vary. We know which Montreal strip clubs offer consistently high quality, and we’ll share this information with you.

Your Montreal VIP host will tell you everything else you need to know about Montreal strip clubs. Regardless of what Montreal bachelor party package you choose, your personal host will get you in the doors and inside the VIP lounges of the best Montreal strip clubs fast. As a VIP you’ll never be asked to pay a cover charge, and we can also take care of tips, arrange a private show at a Montreal strip club, or set up a personal stage show for the groom. Heading out with Montreal VIP will let you experience the best Montreal strip clubs in a whole new way.

Entering a strip club as part of Montreal VIP will earn you special treatment amongst the staff. Yeah, that’s right, the girls tend to flock towards Montreal VIP clients because of the clientele we bring them regularly sets us apart from anything else… Bad news for the patron, good news for you!