Montreal Grand Prix Tips for Saving Time on Race Day

Montreal Grand Prix Tips by Montreal VIP

Montreal Grand Prix Tips for your upcoming ¬†Epic week-end. Race fans wait all year for the fast-paced nightlife and cars that rock Montreal F1 weekend, so it’s obvious that spending your whole weekend driving and waiting around is to be avoided as much as possibilities.

Drawing an estimated 500,000 in recent years, Montreal Grand Prix is one of the largest tourism events in Canada, so some degree of hold up regarding travel time is to be expected.

Montreal Grand Prix Tips

But for those who want their weekend moving above a snail’s pace as much as possible, cut down on travel time and tedium with these tips on getting to the races:

Do NOT drive or ca

Traffic is crazy on Montreal F1 weekend, and though metro will be packed, it is the quickest and best way to go for transporting you to and from the races.

Plan ahead, leave early

Even though it’s easy enough to follow the droves of people to the races, figuring out when and how to get to the races (including the fastest way to get to your seat) in advance will save you time.

Get bus tickets in advance

Getting bus ticket packages in advance will not only save you money, but save you time by avoiding the hassle of waiting in line to buy tickets on your way to and from the races. STM is selling a great 3-day Tourist Card for $14, giving you unlimited rides for the 3 days of the races.

Montreal Grand Prix VIP entry

For serious F1 fans only: You can distinguish yourself from the masses with VIP access and VIP entry to the races, one of the many features of our ultra-exclusive F1 Paddock passes which don’t only help you make the most of the races, but of the legendary Montreal F1 nightlife allowing you VIP entry to clubs that others will wait in lineups for all night long and never get into. A few of our ultra-exclusive Montreal Grand Prix packages are still available!!!

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Montreal Grand Prix Tips are only the beginning of how we can help you with getting around for Montreal Grand Prix weekend.

Fast track your way to Montreal Grand Prix as it should be with Montreal VIP! We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about how to organize the most epic Grand Prix week-end.