Montreal Bachelor Parties in Winter: The Nightlife

During winter in Montreal you might not get as much daylight, but don’t worry, you get just as much skin.

Montreal Nightclubs

Beloved by every Montreal bachelor party, our huge student population (that’s our excuse, anyway) ensures that Montreal nightlife is the gift that keeps on giving, year round! Just make sure you bring real shoes (no running shoes) and a jacket, and of course, that you go with us and get VIP past the lineups…Because if the groom-to-be is getting cold feet about anything, it shouldn’t be from waiting out in the cold during his bachelor party.

Wandering around also can turn the most awesome Montreal bachelor party lame faster than giving the groom a scrap book of marriage advise…So save the gambling for the Montreal Casino and leave location selection, VIP entrance and bottle service up to us.

Montreal Limousine

Driving around can be a hassle in winter, and it goes without saying is not a good idea during a Montreal bachelor party…Get noticed in a big way when your group and—why not—some models step out of the limo and stroll past the lineups. Yes, we provide both.

Montreal Restaurants

Nothings beats the cold like calories, so let him indulge now before his new “Dr. Mom” takes full charge of his menu. At Montreal VIP we understand the importance of the bachelor party tradition of feasting, so don’t forget that our Montreal bachelor party packages can include exclusive reservations as well as restaurant deals.

Montreal Strip Clubs

It shouldn’t be news to most of you that anytime to visit our gentlemen’s clubs is a good time (except of course, during the day…), and there’s no shortage of “northern exposure” to enjoy here during the colder months.

The problem in paradise is just the opposite: the strip clubs are as packed as the bars after hockey games and on the weekends, so you might deal with big lineups and not get the full access to our full contact strippers you came for.

The decisions you should be faced with at a strip club in Montreal should be as challenging as blonde or brunette…Not should we wait outside this club or walk to another, or should we or should we not hit the best man for bringing us to the one non-contact strip club in Montreal.

We will make sure that your Sin Cité experience is er –hard—in only the right ways. You may have heard that Montreal strippers are friendly…Find out how friendly they really are as VIPs.