Models and Bottles at Montreal Clubs: The Services

So, you think you are all “models and bottles?”

Well friend, we are all models and bottles, so for the absolute guarantee that the former comes with the latter, read on for some models and bottles ideas for you ‘big time’ best men with big talk to live up too.

Desireability: the Domino Effect

It is well established that one of the biggest ways to become desireable to women is to be or appear already desired. And who better to be ‘role models’ at the Montreal clubs than the lovely models you escort with you into the club?
Montreal Nightclubs038

What looks better to girls at the club: a mixed group of guys and hot chicks or your Pen15 club entourage of 10 guys by yourselves? Hm…

We could go on and on about all the reasons why having models at your buddy’s bachelor party is a good idea—but we will give you best men out there a bit more credit than that. Afterall, the bride is generally the only one you will run into trouble convincing about such matters!

So for those interested in the practical short cut around the models and bottles game, here are some Montreal bachelor ideas for models and bottles services:

Service with a Smile for Everyone

Getting bottle service at the clubs is great, but when one guy gets stuck at the table serving what seems like half the bar drinks all night, he can feel a bit more like the server than the VIP. So for extra-balling best man points, get models to serve your drinks all night at the nightclubs, strip clubs, or hotel.

Partying with Models

As well as getting models strictly to serve you drinks, we can also get you models to party with your group. Again, we think the benefits of being surrounded by the most beautiful of Montreal’s legendarily beautiful women…speaks for itself.


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Hot Yacht Party

Why should there be models on a yacht? Have you like, never seen an 80’s movie? Talk to us about chartering a scenic Montreal yacht tour of the St. Lawrence river—with even more scenic company!

Real VIPs don’t stand for BS…And they definitely won’t let Bottle Service stand for it!

For many, models and bottles is no different. For those who have the dime and not the time, and don’t have the patience to fool around (in any way but the good way), straight up hiring models to go with your models is a great bachelor party idea.

Be a model best man with our models and bottles package!