Costa Rica FAQ

How hard is it to plan a Costa Rica getaway?

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to research attractions and accommodations when you’re living in a different country. You can’t see the establishments for yourself, so it’s hard to know whether the information on various websites is entirely accurate. In addition, the best Costa Rica hotels are often booked months in advance, so getting great accommodations can be difficult.

Why should I hire Costa Rica VIP?

To put it succinctly, we can solve all the problems outlined in answer #4. Please see our Why Us page for more details.

Why Costa Rica instead of somewhere else?

There are lots of big cities in the world where you can party at clubs all night, but that can get old after a while. If you want a place where you can really unwind, escape from the world, and have a fantastic time in a breathtaking tropical setting, Costa Rica is definitely a destination to consider. Because revenue from the tourist industry represents a significant percentage of Costa Rica’s GDP, the country has lots of activities, great dining establishments and accommodations, and fantastic service.

Is Costa Rica a good destination for a bachelor party?

Yes, a Costa Rica bachelor party is a fantastic idea. Costa Rica has everything you could want for a memorable bachelor party – night clubs, fine dining, casinos, strip clubs, and adrenaline-pumping activities. Luxurious private homes with full kitchens and private pools are definitely a great option if you’re searching for the perfect place to stay.

Can you describe Costa Rica nightlife?

Truthfully, it depends on where you are. Touristy areas like San Jose have plenty of night clubs, casinos, and strip clubs that are frequented by locals and tourists. The Costa Rica nightlife in other, more remote locations, however, is relatively mild. Tell us how you plan to spend your evenings in paradise, and Costa Rica VIP will send you to a location that has exactly the type of nighttime fun you’re looking for.