Costa Rica Nightlife

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Don’t believe those who tell you that Costa Rica nightlife is boring! Chances are, anyone who says this just doesn’t know where to look. We are familiar with Costa Rica’s night life, and we can show you the best places to enjoy your little section of paradise after dark. If you want to hit San Jose’s hopping singles bars, we can get you in without having to waste time waiting in long lines. If you’re interested in attending a music performance or a play, Costa Rica VIP can get you hard to obtain tickets and unbelievable seats.

VIP in Costa Rica

Costa Rica VIP is your exclusive tour guide to the most popular and classiest Costa Rica nightlife hotspots. Costa Rica’s nightlife offers something for all types of travelers. Larger areas like San Jose have tons of nightclubs where locals and tourists go for a good time. If loud clubs aren’t your thing, casinos are also a big part of the night life in Costa Rica. Try your luck at the slots or play Costa Rica’s unique version of blackjack! Theater and music performances are another great Costa Rica nightlife option, and daytime attractions like erupting volcanoes, hot springs, and the rainforest are a completely different experience at night. Of course, creating your own Costa Rica nightlife is always an option. It you’re renting a private home, consider inviting your single neighbors or the local gals you met at the beach over for an all night (clothing optional) pool party! Tame or wild – you’re free to create exactly the Costa Rica nightlife experience you desire.