Costa Rica Night Clubs

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Even though you may spend most of your time in Costa Rica doing other things (Costa Rica is a land of jungle rainforests after all), you should definitely set aside at least one night to hit Costa Rica’s night clubs. But beware! Some of Costa Rica’s night clubs are downright seedy, and you definitely don’t want that to be your guy’s main memory of his Costa Rica bachelor party. We’ll tell you about the best Costa Rica nightclubs and bring you to night clubs in Costa Rica that have exactly the clientele, atmosphere, or, um, adult-themed entertainment you’re looking for.

Nightclubs in Costa Rica

Cities like San Jose that cater to tourists have wild singles clubs, quaint pubs where you can enjoy a locally-brewed beer, discos where you can relive the glitz and funky sounds of the 1970s, and even some karaoke bars. Frequented by both locals and tourists, Costa Rica nightclubs are the perfect place to strike up a conversation and meet some like-minded women looking for a good time. With the positively balmy temperatures, barely clad is the non-official dress code followed by most women in Costa Rica’s night clubs. This place really is heaven on earth! Many nightclubs in Costa Rica are open until 2 or 3 a.m., and some only shut down when the place clears out, allowing you to extend your night of exploring Costa Rica nightclubs into the early morning hours. We know which Costa Rica nightclubs will make your guys’ night out a perfect one!

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