Costa Rica Restaurants

We’ll introduce you to the country’s most superb cuisine and Costa Rica restaurants that suit your exact tastes

  • Tables at Costa Rica restaurants that usually require an advanced reservation
  • Wonderful settings and the best views
  • Private chefs

Dining at Costa Rica restaurants is truly an exceptional experience – and not just because of the unique and flavorful food. Many restaurants in Costa Rica are just as well known for their fascinating setting as their cuisine. A cloud forest, the base of a volcano, a sandy beach on the Pacific Ocean – these are just some of the settings where you can sample the fine fare served in Costa Rica’s restaurants.

Costa Rica Restaurants

In Costa Rica restaurants that specialize in local dishes, you’ll find a variety of seafood entrees, the country’s famous chicken with rice, heart of palm salad, black bean soup, and other area favorites. Fresco natural is an unbelievably refreshing beverage served in many of Costa Rica’s restaurants. This popular drink is made of only the freshest fruits and berries. A true tropical delight! In addition to establishments serving local dishes, there are Costa Rica restaurants that specialize in Japanese, American, Italian, Peruvian, Mexican, Thai, and German cuisine. You’ll even find popular North American chains like TGI Fridays and Outback Steakhouse.

Costa Rica VIP can make reservations for you at Costa Rica restaurants that interest you. If the Costa Rica restaurant you want to visit offers a view of a nearby volcano, we’ll be sure to get your group the best seats in the house. We can get you into Costa Rica restaurants that typically require advance reservations, and you’ll get only the best service when you travel with us. Costa Rica VIP can also hook you up with a private chef who can customize a menu for your group. He’ll even prepare the fish you caught during your afternoon fishing expedition! Costa Rica VIP will send you to only the best Costa Rica restaurants and hire only the most talented private chefs in the land!

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