Costa Rica Info

Costa Rica is a world away from the rush and noise of the city. Bordered by Nicaragua and Panama, this lush and pristine tropical country contains huge tracts of unexplored and undeveloped rainforest wilderness. The weather in Costa Rica is balmy all year round, so you’ll see plenty of tank tops, skirts, and bikinis. Towns close to the beaches in Costa Rica can get extremely hot during the summer months, but there’s always the pool or the Pacific to help you cool down.

Costa Rica is the top tourist destination in Central America, and the tourism industry contributes a staggering $1.9 billion dollars to the nationals economy during an average year. There are plenty of dining establishments in Costa Rica that serve everything from local fare to gourmet cuisine. The luxurious beach front hotels typically have amenities like swim-up pool bars, and many offer extras like massages and tropical breakfasts.

Although Costa Rica does have its share of clubs, it’s the outdoor activities and natural wonders that draw people here more so than the nightlife. Sportfishing, surfing at uncrowded beaches, scuba diving with manta rays and tropical fish, whitewater rafting, and soaking in therapeutic hot springs are just some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay in Costa Rica.

Of course, the most enchanting part of Costa Rica is its expansive areas of mysterious rainforests and cloud forests. These protected lands are full of exotic animals and plant species found in few other places on earth. Breathtaking orchids, monkeys, tree frogs, and hundreds of bird species call these forests home, and hiking the jungle trails or zipping along the treetop canopy is truly a humbling experience. Come see this stunning Eden known as Costa Rica for yourself!