Matt, New York

Montreal VIP, as expected, exceeded my expectations, and i expect a LOT. Everything went Awesome !! The Trip was absolutely EPIC.
I am still astonished how smooth it went considering we had 14 people, and could bearely see straight the entire weekend (ha).
Both restaurants selected were great, the itineary was jam packed with the perfect places.
Our host did an exceptional job, met at the hotel, met us every night, and was completely available by cell phone the entire time.
To get 14 people from place to place, and make every event on that list is an accomplishment in itself.
Your company and our host were very flexible with the times as well, as we stayed at one place later than another, and moved around the bottle service perfectly.
Thank you again for the another best in a lifetime experience , and i am speaking for the entire group right there.!!!!