Jason, Toronto

I always enjoy planning parties and events for friends and family, and so for a weekend in July 2012, I volunteered to organize and plan a bachelor party in MTL for 3 bachelors and 15 guests. As I began planning, my cousin recommended I try out Montreal VIP. She had also planned a bachelorette party through them a year earlier and had nothing but good things to say, so I decided to try it out. At first, I was skeptical since you do have to pay up front and all… but I must say, by the end of the trip, none of us were disappointed and in fact all of us experienced one of the most unforgettable weekends we have ever had in MTL.

I had the pleasure with dealing with Mr. Jay Martin directly via phone and email. He was very helpful, informative and accommodating with how it all worked. Definitely a stand-up guy. He was prompt with his email replies and very friendly on the phone. He answered all my questions regarding the weekend and even recommended a few clubs, restaurants, etc. to the groups preference. Once everything was booked and reserved, Jay was very prompt with sending me the itinerary and receipts for the weekend. I was very satisfied with the high level of service he provided! Thanks Jay.

When we arrived, Mike and Dimitri greeted us at that the Sheraton hotel and informed us that they will take care of us throughout the weekend. And they really did! It was great! They walked us into each club and all other establishments, made sure we all got in alright, ordered all our bottles, settled the bill for us and even had a few drinks with us. All we had to do was…well, party! Even after the club, at 3:30 am, we decided we wanted to continue partying…so without hesitation, they brought us to a after-hours party…and we had an awesome time there. it was definitely unforgettable. They really showed us a great time in Montreal. Thanks Mike and Dimitri!

I absolutely recommend Montreal VIP for anyone or any group looking to party or just looking to have fun. I would definitely use them again.