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The Bride Reaction Meter: How to Tell if You Are Doing a Good Job Planning The Montreal Bachelor Party

February 7th, 2012 by

Planning a Montreal bachelor party is a tough task, but someone has to do it. During the preparations, the guy in charge might wonder if he’s doing a good job, if the celebration he’s getting ready to pull off will be crazy enough to make those endless wedding preparations worthwhile.

The bride reaction meter is one way for the best man to evaluate his preparations. It has four levels:

  • Level 1–Bride nods approvingly: You need to up the debauchery factor…a lot.
  • Level 2–Bride shows no apparent reaction: She might not totally approve but she would refrain from commenting since she knows things could be a lot worse.
  • Level 3–Bride is slightly “miffed”: You’re getting warmer! At this point she would cross her arms and insist everything was “fine.” She would also try to persuade her future husband that bachelor parties are silly and juvenile with daily (not so subtle) comments.
  • Level 4–Bride is completely enraged: Good man! If she knew what you were planning she’d insist on a co-ed celebration, never speak to you again, and possibly even threaten to call off the wedding.

*Obviously, the key here is to imagine how the bride would respond to each item included in your Montreal bachelor party itinerary. Neither your planned exploits nor the meter should actually be revealed to any member of the female sex (for obvious reasons). The higher the level, the better job you’re doing.

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