Miami Bachelor Party

If you’re planning a Miami bachelor party, you want it to be absolutely perfect. After all, it is the future groom’s last night to be (sort of) unattached and completely wild. Whether you want a fun night out with the guys or a sinful evening the girls back home will never (ever) hear about, we can help you make it happen. Some of our Miami bachelor party services include:

  • VIP access to night clubs and Miami strip clubs
  • Bottle service
  • Dinner reservations
  • Private hotel shows (one girl or two)

We offer several Miami bachelor party packages based on your exact needs, and activities can be customized to suit your group’s personal preferences. Planning a bachelor party in Miami is a lot of work – coordinating schedules, booking flights, creating a budget, and convincing your wives and girlfriends to actually let you go. Let Miami VIP show you a great time when you arrive. Stay in the best hotels, go to the hottest night clubs and strip clubs without waiting in line, and treat the groom to a few VIP extras he’ll never forget. Holding a bachelor party in Miami is a fantastic idea. Aside from the drop dead gorgeous, bikini-clad women you’ll find at the beaches, the city boasts many night clubs, tons of fine restaurants, and five-star hotels. There are also 13 strip clubs to satisfy the groom’s appetite for one last night of freedom. Trust your Miami VIP host to make your Miami bachelor party a night for the ages!