Party Options


What you see is merely a tasting of the myriad of exclusive selections we can provide. To ensure premium quality, all options are strictly market priced. Due to strong demand, it is recommended you call us to discuss your interests: 1.800.371.1224

Please note: all options are exclusive to our packages and cannot be booked independently


Show at the Strip club (inc. Platinum)

A classic Montreal VIP has been arranging for years. Enjoy a show at the strip club or treat a friend in the group to one for a memorable experience.


Nyotaimori Sushi

You may have heard the legend, now experience it! Nyotaimori is the art of eating off a woman. Enjoy the rawness of sushi in your private room at Montreal’s finest Japanese establishment.


Show at the Steakhouse

Yes, it can be done. We alone can arrange for a private show to be performed for you and your friends at one of the city’s best steakhouses.


Show at the Hotel (inc. in Platinum)

For those looking for a more intimate experience, we can arrange for a show in your hotel room (batteries included).


Topless Beer Pong

Do you enjoy beer and a little competition, not to mention looking at topless models? Well beer pong Montreal VIP style is the option to be added to any package. We provide the beer, Beer pong table (cups/balls included) and of course the beautiful ladies for two hours.

Private Poker Dealer

Enjoy a good game of blackjack or texas hold’em in the comfort of your hotel suite or condo with a beautiful dealer. Montreal VIP will provide a eye candy dealer for three hours for you and your friends to enjoy a friendly card game. Drinks and food orders can be added to this to create in-suite pre-party before your night out.