About Us

Our mission statement is a simple one: “To give everyone the opportunity to feel like a VIP”, because we believe you deserve it.

About Montreal VIP

For over  fifteen years, Montreal VIP has officially functioned as the city’s premier VIP service by catering to clients who enjoy the finer things in life. Our services have been called upon by numerous high-profile clients including celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, and CEOs. Our all-inclusive packages are custom-tailored and include hotel accommodations.

Montreal VIP’s services eliminate the inconveniences of group travel by carefully and professionally planning all essential arrangements prior to arrival.

Our complete travel packages include: Exclusive VIP access to Montreal’s top nightlife venues, restaurants, events, as well as luxury transportation options ranging from limousines to private jets.

Montreal VIP has been recognized by the industry for its high level of customer satisfaction, and has been featured in various media outlets including Playboy Magazine, AskMen, Cranes, The Travel Channel and the F1 Blackbook.

Our Staff

Our personnel are comprised of carefully selected professionals from various backgrounds, all of whom are passionate about what Montreal VIP has to offer. Most importantly, we are personally committed to ensuring that each of our clients experiences Montreal to its fullest.

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