Why use us for a Bachelor Party?


We make your weekend completely hassle free by taking care of every detail for you so that you’re free to relax and have fun. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is your drunken friends.

Insider Knowledge

Why risk your weekend on the recommendation of the friend of a friend who came to Montreal in the 80’s? …you know “the one on that street with all the hot women”. We are out every weekend and know what is hot and what is not!

True VIP Status

Benefit from our network and reputation, 13 years in the making, second to none; walking into (hosted entry) a night club or strip club with us is an experience like no other. We spend countless hours at the strip clubs and night clubs and we work with all venues. We are on the pulse of the Montreal nightlife.

Hosts and Hostesses

You will have a dedicated host or hostess working directly with you in Montreal to ensure your trip is epic. Our hosts and hostesses do not handle excessive groups to ensure your group has the proper level of service you have grown to expect for our exclusive VIP services. Simply put, we do not farm all our groups to select venues under the guise of a single host posing as VIP, that’s not VIP, that’s a scam.


Hidden costs and fees

There are none, case and point. You pay for you get, we pride ourselves in our integrity and do not have hidden fees or surprise add on costs. We offer all customizable all inclusive experiences. Call now to discuss with one of our experts.

Why Montreal?


The Reputation

Often overlooked by first time travelers, regular visitors consider it Sin City of the North.

The Women

Famous for abundant attractive females, Montreal is a man’s paradise. Did we mention that the drinking age is only 18?…..

The Strip Clubs

Montreal, renowned for its strip clubs, offers something very unique in North America. Full contact lap dances are legal in Montreal and are only $15 per song.More about the Montreal strip clubs

The Nightlife

Montreal is internationally reputed for having some of the best night clubs around. Whatever type of nightlife you are into Montreal has it.

The Proximity

Montreal is closer than you think. Flights from the northeast are typically one hour or less

The Value

Montreal is cheaper than the average bachelor party destination. Regardless of the exchange rate, Montreal is much more economical than New York or Las Vegas. Plan a bachelor party with hotel and VIP services