Top 10 Bachelor Party Mistakes

These boo-boos can quickly turn what might have been an awesome party into an absolute disaster. Read the mistakes below, reread them, and consult them during the planning process to make sure you aren’t committing any of these bachelor party sins.

#1 A lack of planning
If you’re in charge of planning a bachelor party, do it right. Don’t throw something together at the last minute or figure things will just work out.

#2 Inviting along the in-laws
In-laws are great (well, sorta), but they do not belong at bachelor parties. Enough said.

#3 Making assumptions about who will attend
Isn’t there a saying about making assumptions? Don’t count on anyone coming until you’ve checked with them directly.

#4 Fronting cash
Failing to get money from the bachelor party attendees upfront can create rifts and put a strain on your pocketbook. Always collect the necessary funds before you book those plane tickets or order that keg.

#5 Inviting a crowd
The more, the merrier applies to some things, but not bachelor parties. Invite the bachelor’s closest friends only, and resist the urge to add more names just to make the party bigger.

#6 Ignoring the bachelor’s input
He’s told you time and again he does not want any strippers at his bachelor party. Listen to the bachelor’s input so you can create a party he will enjoy.

#7 Ignoring the guests’ input
You want everyone to have fun, so listen to input from party guests. Try to plan a night or weekend that will please everybody if possible.

#8 Over scheduling your afternoons
If the bachelor party is a several-day event, go easy on the afternoon activities. You’ll need that time to gear up for the night’s events, or perhaps to recover from the previous evening.

#9 Collecting evidence
Leave the cameras at home, and resist the urge to bring back incriminating mementos.

#10 Inviting the guys from the office
The rules say if you invite one work buddy, you have to invite them all. Unless the groom has requested otherwise, leave the guys from the office off the guest list.