Over scheduling your afternoons

You want the bachelor party you’re planning to be action packed and exciting, and that’s great. While you’re creating the itinerary, however, whether you’re doing it alone or with the help of a professional, remember that scheduling too many daytime activities is often a mistake.

There are exceptions, but the best bachelor party activities usually take place after dark – dancing the night away, admiring the talented strippers, or enjoying a pint at the local pub. If you’re running yourself ragged during the day visiting attractions and taking part in activities, you won’t be able to party as hard as you might like. And let’s face it – making it an early night because you’re tired out or have to get up early to go to the local history museum is pretty lame.

Another reason why a huge number of daytime activities (at least those planned in advance) are a no-no is that you may not be feeling the best from the night before. After a hard night on the town, you might feel like spending the day poolside to recover. If you’ve already booked a white water rafting trip and paid the deposit, you won’t have much choice but to force yourself to go. And paddling through those rapids while you bounce up and down won’t be much fun with a pounding headache and an upset stomach.

Bottom line – you should definitely make an effort to take part in some activities, but don’t go overboard. Save most of your energy for after sunset.