Nightlife Locations

The Montreal nightlife can be categorized into four areas, each with a unique character and experience to offer.

Crescent Street, Bishop Street, Ste-Catherine Street West

This is the most famous area, comprised of restaurants, clubs, stripclubs, cafes, and boutiques, all just steps from each other. The Crescent strip hosts many festivals and events throughout the year offering live entertainment and street shows. This area is considered the center of the Montreal nightlife. Currently, the hot spots are Club Vatican, Newtown and La Boom. Additionally, there are many great Irish-style pubs. Some of the best nightlife in the world can be found here. The area also caters to meeting new people.

Le Plateau Mont-Royal

The Plateau is widely recognized as one of the hippest neighbourhoods in Canada. It’s filled with every kind of bar to suit all styles. We’re always on the look out for the new buzz that will quickly become the place to be. Typically, there will be large crowds of people fighting to get in to these clubs and those on “the list” will cruise past the velvet rope. As our VIP, we’ll make sure you don’t wait in any line-ups or pay any cover charge to get in.

The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter offers a little something for everyone. This area is known for its laidback attitude and francophone influence. There are many bars specializing in locally brewed beers and many clubs catering to international flavour. This area is known for its local Montreal restaurants that serve traditional home-style meals. During the summer months this area transforms completely as it hosts the largest jazz festival in the world featuring hundreds of shows and live entertainment. Millions of people frequent this event and partake in a cultural festival unlike any other. You’ll also find the world famous and largest Just for Laughs comedy festival here every July. See our Montreal section for more information.

Gay Village

Known as “The Village”, you’ll find lots of great bars and restaurants in this area, many known for their happening venues. This area accommodates gay and straight people alike.

For more information be sure to check out our Montreal Nightlife Faq in the FAQ section.