Making assumptions about who will attend

You’ve set the date for the big day…no, not your wedding…your best bud’s bachelor party! Creating the guest list was fairly easy, and you know that everybody you’ve included will be out in full force. How do you know? You just do… Although you could be right, you should know that assuming certain people are going to show up is a major bachelor party mistake.

There are a million reasons why the people you were certain would be there might not be able to make it. They may have family commitments, they may not be able to find a babysitter, or they might not be able to convince their wives that bachelor parties consist of entirely innocent fun. There’s also a chance that the groom isn’t as close to some of the people on your list as you thought.

If you’re planning anything more than a simple night on the town, finances can also be a big issue. You never truly know anybody else’s money situation, so while you might think that Jim can afford to take part in a Montreal bachelor party – he is a lawyer after all – the reality might be much different for him.

In short, never just assume that the groom’s college chum or favorite gym buddy will be able to make it, and don’t rely on second hand information either. Send them an e-mail, or better yet, give them a call to tell them about the big event. Only when you hear an enthusiastic “yes” directly from their mouth should you add their name to the list of confirmed guests.