Inviting along the in-laws

The groom gets along great with his future brother-in-law and his soon-to-be second dad. So, when you’re making up the guest list, it’s only natural you would include them, right? Wrong! In most cases, inviting in-laws is a big mistake. This is especially true if the event will involve drinking, strip clubs, and general debauchery.

The bride’s family might like the future groom, but they love the bride, and their loyalty is to her. If you’re planning to take part in any activities that the groom’s future wife wouldn’t approve of, the last thing you need is people there who will almost certainly tell her about it. These activities might also result in the groom’s in-laws thinking less highly of him. In-law relationships are usually tough to begin with, so it’s important not to make them more strained before the marriage even takes place.

Of course, the other side of the issue is that the bride’s family might be quite hurt if they aren’t invited. If this is a concern, one of the best solutions is to have a “decoy” bachelor party. This will be a tame event where you’ll take part in innocent activities like watching movies or heading out to a baseball game. Invite the in-laws along to share in this evening, and then keep the real bachelor party a secret. No one’s feelings will be hurt, and the bride’s brothers and father will be impressed that their favorite girl is marrying such a responsible, upstanding young man.