Inviting a crowd

You might think that a bigger guest list automatically means more fun when it comes to bachelor parties, but this isn’t necessarily the case. For these important pre-wedding events, it’s best to just invite your core group of friends. Telling everyone you know to come along is usually a mistake. Why?

It makes planning more complex: One of the most difficult aspects of planning a bachelor party, particularly if you’re heading out of town, is finding a date that works for everybody. While coordinating schedules when there are 10 people coming is a challenge, trying to find a weekend that will work for 20 or 30 people will likely be virtually impossible. Also, trying to find activities that everybody will enjoy and taking everybody’s concerns into consideration will be a huge headache if you have an extremely long guest list.

It might result in you having to play hostess when the big night arrives: If you invite a large number of people, it’s likely that not everyone will know each other well. That means when the big night arrives, when you’d rather be drinking beer and cutting loose, you’ll have to introduce people who don’t know each other and worry about whether everybody feels at ease. You’ll have a much better time hanging out with a tight group of friends and being yourself.

It increases the likelihood that something will get out: It’s simple. The chances that the juicy details of the bachelor party will get back to the bride increase with every additional person you invite, so sticking with a smaller group is a wise idea.