Ignoring the bachelor’s input

There are many blunders men make while trying to plan a killer bachelor party, but perhaps the most serious one is ignoring the groom’s wishes and concerns. Hiring a private dancer for your favorite man or deciding to invite the women along to share in the fun when the groom has specifically asked you not to are massive mistakes, and here’s why:

It’s selfish: A bachelor party is an event for the groom, not the person planning it or his friends. Putting the groom’s wishes first and taking his concerns into consideration is simply the right thing to do. You’re doing something nice for your friend – don’t spoil it by making his last night of freedom all about you.

It can have serious consequences: Some brides-to-be are pretty easy going about bachelor parties. They figure it’s the groom’s last night to be wild and free, so he might as well live it up. Remember, though, this doesn’t describe all women. The groom’s significant other may have serious misgivings about strip clubs, private dancers, or anything else that involves half-naked women around her man. That may very well be the reason why he’s made his “no strippers” rule loud and clear. If you disregard these instructions, and she finds out, you could cause a major fight or, worse, break up a marriage.

You might hurt the groom’s feelings: Yes, as much as they hate to admit it, guys do have feelings. If the groom sees that you’ve ignored everything he told you about what he did and didn’t want at his bachelor party, it’s only natural he’ll be a little hurt.