Fronting cash

You’ve contacted the bachelor’s favorite people, and they’ve all agreed that a bachelor party in Montreal is the perfect way to mark the end of your buddy’s single life. Or maybe you’re just planning a wilderness camping trip with plenty of fishing, beer, and story telling by the campfire. Whatever you’re concocting, it can be tempting to just put everything on your credit card and have everyone square up with you later. Stop! Collecting money from people upfront is absolutely necessary, even from guys you thoroughly trust, and not doing so is a serious bachelor party mistake for several reasons.

For one, asking for money upfront is the best way to find out who is serious about attending and who isn’t. It’s easy for somebody to say they want to head down to Montreal for the weekend or hit the local strip clubs, but it’s another thing to come up with the money needed to actually do it. Once someone has paid, they’re committed to going, and you’ll be able to get an idea of how big the event is going to be.

Paying for events or trips upfront and then trying to collect the money later can also lead to a lot of hard feelings. Maybe your buddy thought he would have the money, or perhaps he figured you wouldn’t mind waiting a while before he paid you back. Either way, this situation can really put a damper on a bachelor party, and even a friendship. You’re a planner, not an ATM, so make it clear that all expenses must be paid before you finalize anything.