Montréal  is considered the premier district fashion leader within Canada. Our multicultural society has influence much of our lifestyle whether it is by the way we dress, eat or think. Our open minded culture has allowed us to provide Montréal with much acceptance to creativity and differences. This explains the vast choice in clothing.  Many of our local designers are influenced by the diverse range of cultures as well as European styling and American creativity.

Our clothing trends are also reflected by our heritage with the abundance of fur and cow skin leather since we were once a primarily trading society.  Throughout the years, Montreal has become widely recognized within the fashion industry due to our increasingly popular fashion weeks, whereby fashion shows are being held by our local designers such as Dom Rebel, Marie Saint- Pierre, Nevik, Valerie Dumaine just to name a few.  The steady increase of fashion conscious people has a direct link to the raised the popularity of fashion shows held in specific venue within Montreal city.  

Montreal is also well known for their specialized trendy boutiques as well as international flagship store that are located in core downtown.