Collecting evidence

Regardless of how devoted the groom is to his future wife, things tend to happen during bachelor parties that, for the sake of the future marriage, the bride should never find out about. Naturally, none of the trusted bachelor party attendees would ever breathe a word. However, pictures and other types of “evidence” may result in the bride learning about bachelor party details and events that were supposed to be kept secret. That’s why bringing cameras and inadvertently collecting evidence is a huge mistake.

If you’re planning a bachelor party, make it clear to everyone invited that there are to be no cameras brought to the event. Your buddy might reassure you that he will take only “innocent” pictures, but it’s important not to take the chance. Even one incriminating photo can be enough to severely damage or even destroy a relationship.

If the bachelor party is being held outside of town, one of the biggest mistakes attendees make is collecting mementos or souvenirs to remind them of their wild weekend in Montreal, Vegas, or Miami. Keep in mind, however, that matchbooks from strip clubs, cards from “private entertainers,” phone numbers, receipts from adult establishments, and even brochures are all types of evidence that could land the groom in hot water. Before you leave your bachelor party destination to head back home, have everybody look through their wallets, pants pockets, jackets, and anywhere else those unwanted souvenirs may be hiding. Anything that could possibly be viewed as incriminating should be thrown away – it’s the only way to ensure that the events of the bachelor party will truly remain a secret.