A lack of planning

One of the biggest blunders people make when planning a bachelor party is assuming that everything will just naturally come together. They figure they’ll set a time and a place for everybody to meet up and then just “play it by ear.” Unfortunately, this attitude often results in an event that is both disappointing and boring. Thorough planning is a must if you expect your bachelor party to be memorable and enjoyable, whether you’re planning to head downtown or across the country.

Inadequate planning can have numerous negative effects. For one thing, you may find that your last-minute idea to check out that strip club you’ve heard so much about or go out for a fabulous dinner simply won’t pan out. There may be an exclusive event at the strip club, or the restaurant might not have any tables available, for example. This will leave you scrambling for something else to do, and will definitely put a damper on the entire evening.

When you don’t take the time to plan, the quality of the bachelor party will generally be lower overall. Planning involves researching specific establishments to ensure they will be enjoyable and suitable for bachelor party groups. When you don’t plan ahead, you may discover when you step through the doors of that “hot” strip club that the place is actually a dive filled with older women and amateurish dancers.

Remember, good bachelor parties don’t just happen. They’re a result of thorough planning. Map out your night or weekend well before the main event to avoid disappointing your friends and the groom.