Tom S, Atlanta, GA, United States

When I was recently chosen as best man for a goodfriend’s wedding, the first challenge I immediately thought of was puttingon a spectacular bachelor party. Thanks to Montreal VIP’s excellentservice, my hopes became a reality.

Our group of 7 Americans came to Montreal knowing little about the city, except that it had the reputation of being a great bachelor party town. Looking back, we are all extremely glad we used this service. They set up a full,flexible itinerary for us including some very solid bars, clubs, and strip clubs. More than anything, we appreciated the initial meeting we had with two employees, who came up to our hotel room and gave us a layout of the city, the best places to go, and what to expect. Another huge plus: both employees were on-call for us 24/7 throughout the weekend, and when we had questions about certain issues, they would immediately answer their phones and give us advice and sometimes even show up at the location we were hanging out at. They followed through on their promises after being very accommodating during the initial phase, which is honestly rare to find in customer service these days.My friend had an incredible time up there and there’s no way he will ever forget his bachelor party. Montreal VIP got the job done and we are all very glad to have found a group of people who helped us and delivered on what we paid them for.

Moral of the story: if you ever go to Montreal for a bachelor party, make sure to have that black Montreal VIP card in your pocket. It’s a ticket to one hell of a weekend!

Thanks again fellas,