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When I was recently chosen as best man for a good friend’s wedding, the first challenge I immediately thought of was putting on a spectacular bachelor party. Thanks to Montreal VIP’s excellent service, my hopes became a reality. Our group of 7 Americans came to Montreal knowing little about the city, except that it had […]

Tom S, Atlanta, GA

“Thanks for showing us a great time in Montreal. I’ve told all of my friends about the great hospitality you’ve showed us. We are already planning a trip there next summer, this time we will bring our girlfriends. Remember, if you plan on going to NYC let us know.”

Jake, New York City

“Just wanted to let you know that we all had a spectacular time in Montreal. We are the crazy people from Connecticut that came there in the beginning of December.”

Krysia Anatra, Connecticut

“Montreal VIP delivered as promised. Montreal VIP had put us on the guest lists at various clubs, and we were able to get in without any hassles. They set up everything that made our trip very enjoyable.”

Raghav Prasad, Washington D.C.

Thanks MTL VIP, We ALL had a wonderful time at all the places you guys picked out for us. It sucks now having to go back to ‘real life ‘ but thats the whole thing of it anyway. well We really apreciated your help . Peace out and rock on,

Bill, MA

The fellas loved Montreal; thanks for showing us a great time.I didn’t necessarily believe the testimonials I saw on your website, but I am a convert now!!!! Our trip started horribly!!! We were leaving our home base on Air Canada on Thursday and got stuck for over 4 hours due to mechanical trouble. By time […]

Lee S, Bermuda

I have to say Montreal is a beautiful city: The Food, nightlife, and girls. Time and fun were combined together to create a very good experience. As a group of six, we spent four nights and loved everything from weather and shopping to dinning and partying. In other words, I highly recommend going to Montreal […]

Oscar F, Mexico

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you put into planning our bachelorette weekend. I was nervous to see what you would come up with as activities because I know most of your ‘parties’ are bachelor parties but you didn’t disappoint. Our host was amazing too and […]

Karen Norris

We had a great time in Montreal. Thanks for the recommendations and putting us up in some great places. Everyone had a blast, especially the bachelor.I would definitely recommend VIP to anyone who is looking to have a party weekend in Montreal.Thanks again for putting up with all our bs about fancy shoes and techno […]

Tucker Harrison

I can’t tell you how awesome all the hosts were. Everyone from beginning to end was very accommodating. It was the best party planned in a long time. From the hook ups to the extra services provided were unbelievable. Montreal VIP puts on a class act and was worth every penny. I have referred quite […]

James P Furst, NY