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Montreal New Years 2013 Hotel Packages

Montreal New Years 2013 Hotel Packages summary: Convenient Montreal NYE packages that include premium all-you-can-drink tickets to Montreal New Years XS Celebration 2013, Platinum Club Hop to the city’s top nightclubs on December 30th, and closeby Montreal hotel accommodations (Gouvernor or Sheraton) where you can mingle with other debauchery seeking travelers your own age.

Why guys love it: Great deal on 4 star accommodations downtown, great excuse to meet like-minded ladies on a mission for excess in Montreal.

Location: various locations in the heart of Montreal nightlife


Rouge nightclubs has been one of the longest running nightclubs in the city. There selective door entrance makes it a place you are sure to find some of Montreal’s finest ladies.

Rouge is located on the corner of Prince Arthur and St.Laurent street. This club has two floors which some of the top DJ’s spin current hits.

Le Lab

Le Lab summary: Laid-back Montreal bar / modern speakeasy with high quality cocktails and flair bartending (“labtending”), including drinks set on fire for drinking and even juggling.

Why guys love it: world-class wacky drinks with every ingredient imaginable and not, trendy place to see and be seen in Montreal nightlife, toasting the groom for a Montreal bachelor party in style, and if fancy drinks don’t impress you, who can argue with the entertainment value of a side order of flames?

Location: 1351 rue Rachel Est

Big in Japan Bar

Big in Japan Bar summary: Not the same place as Big in Japan Restaurant, Big in Japan Bar serves Japanese whisky and is a hot spot in Montreal nightlife…But you wouldn’t know it from walking by, as there is no sign on entrance, i.e., red graffiti-covered door beside Patati Patata in the Plateau.

Why guys love it: If you see a girl you want to avoid while you are here, you can leave mid-bottle and come back another day! Inspired by authentic Japanese whisky bars, bottles are marked by your name so you can come back for them another day.

Location: 3723 St Laurent Blvd

Montreal Strip Clubs

Montreal Strip Clubs

There are a few things you probably already know about Montreal strip clubs: they’re full of sexy dancers, they offer dances at more affordable prices than clubs in many other cities, and they’re an integral part of almost every Montreal bachelor party. However, there are also probably a few things you didn’t know about Montreal strip clubs…

Full-contact dances are the same price as non-contact ones: Yep, that’s right. A performance that requires you to keep your hands to yourself and one that allows you to let them roam are the same price. Need we ask which one you’re going to choose?

Montreal strippers are freelancers: This means they can dance at any club they choose. Because of this, the quality of dancers at clubs can vary. We know which Montreal strip clubs offer consistently high quality, and we’ll share this information with you.

Your Montreal VIP host will tell you everything else you need to know about Montreal strip clubs. Regardless of what Montreal bachelor party package you choose, your personal host will get you in the doors and inside the VIP lounges of the best Montreal strip clubs fast. As a VIP you’ll never be asked to pay a cover charge, and we can also take care of tips, arrange a private show at a Montreal strip club, or set up a personal stage show for the groom. Heading out with Montreal VIP will let you experience the best Montreal strip clubs in a whole new way.

Entering a strip club as part of Montreal VIP will earn you special treatment amongst the staff. Yeah, that’s right, the girls tend to flock towards Montreal VIP clients because of the clientele we bring them regularly sets us apart from anything else… Bad news for the patron, good news for you!

How to Have a Proper Scotch

It has been claimed that style and distinction make a man, and some are more interested in bachelor party elements that refine manliness, rather than roughen it. Whether you are looking to class up a bachelor party you are planning, or just want to partake in the manly ritual of appreciating scotch, read on.

Step 1: Learn how to drink scotch properly.

A good scotch should be served in a tulip-shaped glass, which allows the drink to be swirled without spilling, as well as be ‘nosed’ properly. However, scotch is also commonly served in a rocks glass.

Whatever flack you get, a splash of water is highly recommended (as seen on The Art of Manliness). Water cuts some of the strong alcoholic burn, allowing for the more subtle undertones of flavor to be enjoyed.

While many are against the presence of ice in a scotch, some experts and distillers claim it’s the best way to be drunk, allowing different phases of the scotch to be tasted as the ice melts (as sourced on Ask Men). To do so, a knowledgeable bartender recommended getting one double rocks glass of scotch, one glass of ice, and a spoon, then gradually stirring in ice to taste the subtle variations.

However you drink your scotch, make sure you drink it slowly, which will enable you to experience it to the fullest.

Step 2: Find a good scotch bar.

One of the best Montreal pubs for scotch is L’Île Noire, a relaxed but classy venue which offers over 100 brands of scotch, as well as an appropriately warm staff and atmosphere.

Step 3: Bachelor party ideas?

If you are interested in incorporating other ‘manly’ traditions into your Montreal bachelor party, why not make it a ‘Scotch and Cigars Stag’? As well as quality scotch bars, don’t forget that Montreal offers fine Cuban cigars, which can be enjoyed at select cigar lounges like Stogies. Or, give the groom a starter scotch for his new chapter of manhood. It’s rumored to help with the nerves.

Share your opinion on the best place to get a scotch in this city on Facebook and Twitter.


Get The Inside Scoop on The Montreal Grand Prix With a Free F1 Blackbook

The services and packages offered by Montreal VIP have been extensively covered in the press. We have been featured in high-profile publications such as Playboy, FHM, and the Boston Globe.

The newest addition to this list is the 2011 F1 Blackbook, an exclusive insiders’ guide to all things Formula 1. Inside the covers of this well-known publication is valuable info about those who play a key role in the overall success and popularity of the sport. The authors of this prestigious publication described Montreal VIP as “your personal pit crew in Montreal during the Montreal Grand Prix.”

Because of this special mention we have decided to include a copy of the F1 Blackbook (which has a value of $150.00) with all of our Montreal Grand Prix packages. These are specially designed to provide an unmatched race viewing experience. They’re also customizable to meet all those extra needs and wishes of clients who want to add some luxury to their race weekend in Montreal. In addition to gold seating for all three days of racing during the Montreal Grand Prix, we can also:

  • Book private tables or entire areas beside the pits if you want to go beyond gold seating
  • Arrange for an open bar and all-you-can-eat dining options at the track (ideal for corporate groups)
  • Set you up with limousine service to and from the event
  • Put you up in the presidential suite of a five-star Montreal hotel
  • Handle private requests

We only have a limited number of packages so contact us soon to reserve your preferred seating at the Montreal Grand Prix and get your free F1 Blackbook!

Montreal_grand_prix_304 _23_

A sleek black car on display during the Montreal Grand Prix

Lucky guy posing with three gorgeous models during the Montreal Grand Prix

Montreal BYOW Restaurants

Perfectly in keeping with the French stereotypes you no doubt hope to find in the oft-called ‘Paris of North America’, Montrealers love their wine and food, and, in fact, have a way you can enjoy them both that (sacrebleu!) isn’t even legal in France: BYOB Restaurants.

According to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, Montréal had 362 Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW) restaurants in October 2012. There is a variety of both high end and cheap Montreal BYOW restaurants, offering just about every type of food. Bring Your Own Wines can save you $40-$80 on your bill, so it’s a great opportunity to sample some high end cuisine that would otherwise be over your spending threshold, or just to go really light on the spending for a night out without having to go light on the drinking—or sacrifice the quality of food (really—if you know where to go, the food won’t only taste good because of all the wine you will be drinking).

Including some lesser-known gems as well as some of the most popular ones in the city, here is just a sampling of quality BYOW restaurants in Montreal:

Low Price Range (Doable for Under $30 Per Person):

Pizzeria Napoletana: Italian, Pizza and Pasta, big place, Little Italy

Eduardo’s: Italian, huge portions, cheap, small/intimate place but lively, Duluth (Plateau neighborhood)

Grenadine: French/Asian fusion, small/intimate, downtown

L’Académie: French, good for people watching, youngish crowd, big venue, Plateau

Tay Do: Thai/Vietnamese, cheap, big place, fried pineapples for dessert, Duluth (Plateau neighborhood)


fried pineapple at Tay Do

Medium to High Price Range

Apollo: international, different menu each night, terrasse, screens for sports, McGill

Quartier General: French bistro, meat and seafood-focused menu, Plateau

O’Thym: French, trendy, local ingredients, The Village

La Colombe: French market, fixed menu, great service, classy, Duluth (Plateau)


Many of the above are ideal for groups, but make sure you make reservations in advance, as many of the above are very popular.

Also, some may be more suited to your group than others, and many great ones aren’t even on the list. In a city overflowing with BYOW suited to every taste and budget, why not make sure the one you are going to is perfect for your Montreal bachelor party or other occasion? Let your VIP help you choose the best Montreal restaurants for your itinerary.

What is your favorite Montreal BYOW? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Models and Bottles at Montreal Clubs: The Services

So, you think you are all “models and bottles?”

Well friend, we are all models and bottles, so for the absolute guarantee that the former comes with the latter, read on for some models and bottles ideas for you ‘big time’ best men with big talk to live up too.

Desireability: the Domino Effect

It is well established that one of the biggest ways to become desireable to women is to be or appear already desired. And who better to be ‘role models’ at the Montreal clubs than the lovely models you escort with you into the club?
Montreal Nightclubs038

What looks better to girls at the club: a mixed group of guys and hot chicks or your Pen15 club entourage of 10 guys by yourselves? Hm…

We could go on and on about all the reasons why having models at your buddy’s bachelor party is a good idea—but we will give you best men out there a bit more credit than that. Afterall, the bride is generally the only one you will run into trouble convincing about such matters!

So for those interested in the practical short cut around the models and bottles game, here are some Montreal bachelor ideas for models and bottles services:

Service with a Smile for Everyone

Getting bottle service at the clubs is great, but when one guy gets stuck at the table serving what seems like half the bar drinks all night, he can feel a bit more like the server than the VIP. So for extra-balling best man points, get models to serve your drinks all night at the nightclubs, strip clubs, or hotel.

Partying with Models

As well as getting models strictly to serve you drinks, we can also get you models to party with your group. Again, we think the benefits of being surrounded by the most beautiful of Montreal’s legendarily beautiful women…speaks for itself.


There’s no better time to be a models and bottles boss than for F1 weekend. Join the winner’s circle of elite parties and a Montreal Grand Prix package NOW before it’s too late!

Hot Yacht Party

Why should there be models on a yacht? Have you like, never seen an 80’s movie? Talk to us about chartering a scenic Montreal yacht tour of the St. Lawrence river—with even more scenic company!

Real VIPs don’t stand for BS…And they definitely won’t let Bottle Service stand for it!

For many, models and bottles is no different. For those who have the dime and not the time, and don’t have the patience to fool around (in any way but the good way), straight up hiring models to go with your models is a great bachelor party idea.

Be a model best man with our models and bottles package!

Montreal New Year’s 2014

When it comes to Montreal New Year’s Eve, the count down should be the only thing you leave to the last minute.

The hottest parties sell out every year, and even with tickets poor planning can leave you at the wrong party or waiting outside in the cold when the clock strikes 12.

This year, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead for Montreal New Year’s Eve. Why? Because the city’s top New Year’s party hosts ”Montreal XS”sell out tickets for their events every year, and are aiming for their most exclusive New Year’s event yet:
Montreal XS New Year’s 2014!

Bringing you the most popular Montreal New Year’s Eve parties every year, they are putting a cork in the guest list this year in order to raise the (open) bar standards and maximize party time and enjoyment. Because the only waiting you should do for New Years Eve’s Should be before Dec. 31.

This year they will have less people to minimize lineups, but will otherwise be bringing you classic Montreal XS in all the right ways

Where: Luxx Monteal nightclub Le Cinq

When: Dec. 31. 2013, 9pm-3am
Early bird Prices still available!

Regular Open Bar Ticket for Montreal New Years Party

Now 109$ (early bird) Regular tickets at 119$

Open bar on everything all-night from 9pm-3am
No huge lines for drinks
4 fully stocked open bars
MC Mario (Montreal / host of #1 House music radio show on Virgin 96)
Big Poppa (From KISS FM NYC)
DJ Vyktor Maas (House Music Specialist – Suite 701 / Salon Daome / Peopl.)
State of the art sound system and lighting
Countdown Surprise
Infamous Montreal circus performers
Hot Body Painted Models

VIP Ticket

VIP Ticket for Montreal New Years Party

Starting at 149$ (early bird)

This ticket gives you VIP access to the Private Lounge and Patio, along with access to Premium liquor

Only (less than) 150 Early Bird VIP tickets available!

VIP Tables (Main Floor)

2 x Seated Booth at 2500$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 2 Magnum of Grey Goose and 10 tickets

1 X Seated Booth (floor) at 2500$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 2 Magnum of Grey Goose and 8 tickets

6 x Stage booth (behind the DJ Booth) available at 1800 $, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 1 Magnum of Grey Goose and 6 tickets

Private Lounge Tables

5 x VIP Couches on Balcony of the VIP Lounge (Best view – Private access) at 2000$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 1 Magnum of Grey Goose and 6 VIP tickets

6 x Seated table in the VIP Lounge at 1500$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 1 Magnum of Grey Goose and 4 VIP tickets
Raise your open bar standards and get exclusive early bird prices now for Montreal XS 2014!