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Models and Bottles at Montreal Clubs: The Services

So, you think you are all “models and bottles?”

Well friend, we are all models and bottles, so for the absolute guarantee that the former comes with the latter, read on for some models and bottles ideas for you ‘big time’ best men with big talk to live up too.

Desireability: the Domino Effect

It is well established that one of the biggest ways to become desireable to women is to be or appear already desired. And who better to be ‘role models’ at the Montreal clubs than the lovely models you escort with you into the club?
Montreal Nightclubs038

What looks better to girls at the club: a mixed group of guys and hot chicks or your Pen15 club entourage of 10 guys by yourselves? Hm…

We could go on and on about all the reasons why having models at your buddy’s bachelor party is a good idea—but we will give you best men out there a bit more credit than that. Afterall, the bride is generally the only one you will run into trouble convincing about such matters!

So for those interested in the practical short cut around the models and bottles game, here are some Montreal bachelor ideas for models and bottles services:

Service with a Smile for Everyone

Getting bottle service at the clubs is great, but when one guy gets stuck at the table serving what seems like half the bar drinks all night, he can feel a bit more like the server than the VIP. So for extra-balling best man points, get models to serve your drinks all night at the nightclubs, strip clubs, or hotel.

Partying with Models

As well as getting models strictly to serve you drinks, we can also get you models to party with your group. Again, we think the benefits of being surrounded by the most beautiful of Montreal’s legendarily beautiful women…speaks for itself.


There’s no better time to be a models and bottles boss than for F1 weekend. Join the winner’s circle of elite parties and a Montreal Grand Prix package NOW before it’s too late!

Hot Yacht Party

Why should there be models on a yacht? Have you like, never seen an 80’s movie? Talk to us about chartering a scenic Montreal yacht tour of the St. Lawrence river—with even more scenic company!

Real VIPs don’t stand for BS…And they definitely won’t let Bottle Service stand for it!

For many, models and bottles is no different. For those who have the dime and not the time, and don’t have the patience to fool around (in any way but the good way), straight up hiring models to go with your models is a great bachelor party idea.

Be a model best man with our models and bottles package!

Montreal New Year’s 2014

When it comes to Montreal New Year’s Eve, the count down should be the only thing you leave to the last minute.

The hottest parties sell out every year, and even with tickets poor planning can leave you at the wrong party or waiting outside in the cold when the clock strikes 12.

This year, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead for Montreal New Year’s Eve. Why? Because the city’s top New Year’s party hosts ”Montreal XS”sell out tickets for their events every year, and are aiming for their most exclusive New Year’s event yet:
Montreal XS New Year’s 2014!

Bringing you the most popular Montreal New Year’s Eve parties every year, they are putting a cork in the guest list this year in order to raise the (open) bar standards and maximize party time and enjoyment. Because the only waiting you should do for New Years Eve’s Should be before Dec. 31.

This year they will have less people to minimize lineups, but will otherwise be bringing you classic Montreal XS in all the right ways

Where: Luxx Monteal nightclub Le Cinq

When: Dec. 31. 2013, 9pm-3am
Early bird Prices still available!

Regular Open Bar Ticket for Montreal New Years Party

Now 109$ (early bird) Regular tickets at 119$

Open bar on everything all-night from 9pm-3am
No huge lines for drinks
4 fully stocked open bars
MC Mario (Montreal / host of #1 House music radio show on Virgin 96)
Big Poppa (From KISS FM NYC)
DJ Vyktor Maas (House Music Specialist – Suite 701 / Salon Daome / Peopl.)
State of the art sound system and lighting
Countdown Surprise
Infamous Montreal circus performers
Hot Body Painted Models

VIP Ticket

VIP Ticket for Montreal New Years Party

Starting at 149$ (early bird)

This ticket gives you VIP access to the Private Lounge and Patio, along with access to Premium liquor

Only (less than) 150 Early Bird VIP tickets available!

VIP Tables (Main Floor)

2 x Seated Booth at 2500$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 2 Magnum of Grey Goose and 10 tickets

1 X Seated Booth (floor) at 2500$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 2 Magnum of Grey Goose and 8 tickets

6 x Stage booth (behind the DJ Booth) available at 1800 $, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 1 Magnum of Grey Goose and 6 tickets

Private Lounge Tables

5 x VIP Couches on Balcony of the VIP Lounge (Best view – Private access) at 2000$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 1 Magnum of Grey Goose and 6 VIP tickets

6 x Seated table in the VIP Lounge at 1500$, which includes 1 Magnum of Moet, 1 Magnum of Grey Goose and 4 VIP tickets
Raise your open bar standards and get exclusive early bird prices now for Montreal XS 2014!

Montreal Couples Getaway Hotel: Le Saint-Sulpice

A posh, suite-only boutique hotel, your better half will know you are giving her only the best for your Montreal couples getaway from the moment you check into luxurious Saint-Sulpice hotel, located right behind Basilica Notre-Dame in hip but historic Old Montreal. And ladies, if you want church bells ringing in his head, you can’t go wrong with this downtown Montreal hotel!
Why it’s Great for Montreal Couples Retreats:


  • Surrounding neighborhood of Old Montreal will ensure you feel transported to another world for your romantic getaway, offering a unique combination of old-world charm and hip party locations.
  • Great location for activities from day to night. Spend a day strolling along the St. Lawrence River and cobblestone streets, and when your feet are tired treat yourselves to one of the many ambiance-loaded restaurants and bars all within walking distance.
  • In-room Shiatsu and Swedish massages
  • Plush executive suites with terrasses / balconies, fireplaces
  • Full kitchens
  • Celebrity clientele a common site here
  • Restaurant Sinclair with elite garden terrasse, an exemplary Montreal patio for summertime.
  • Free wifi
  • Nespresso
  • Complimentary brunch
    Not so Great:
  • Church bells on Sunday may be annoying for sleeping in

While this elite Montreal hotel may not work for every budget, its suites are roomy and offer comparably great value. Especially if you go with a couples getaway package from us, which include deals on hotel accommodations such as this.
Private executive suite terrasse at Saint-Sulpice

Montreal Grand Prix Tips for Saving Time on Race Day

Montreal Grand Prix Tips for your upcoming  Epic week-end. Race fans wait all year for the fast-paced nightlife and cars that rock Montreal F1 weekend, so it’s obvious that spending your whole weekend driving and waiting around is to be avoided as much as possibilities.

Drawing an estimated 500,000 in recent years, Montreal Grand Prix is one of the largest tourism events in Canada, so some degree of hold up regarding travel time is to be expected.

Montreal Grand Prix Tips

But for those who want their weekend moving above a snail’s pace as much as possible, cut down on travel time and tedium with these tips on getting to the races:

Do NOT drive or ca

Traffic is crazy on Montreal F1 weekend, and though metro will be packed, it is the quickest and best way to go for transporting you to and from the races.

Plan ahead, leave early

Even though it’s easy enough to follow the droves of people to the races, figuring out when and how to get to the races (including the fastest way to get to your seat) in advance will save you time.

Get bus tickets in advance

Getting bus ticket packages in advance will not only save you money, but save you time by avoiding the hassle of waiting in line to buy tickets on your way to and from the races. STM is selling a great 3-day Tourist Card for $14, giving you unlimited rides for the 3 days of the races.

Montreal Grand Prix VIP entry

For serious F1 fans only: You can distinguish yourself from the masses with VIP access and VIP entry to the races, one of the many features of our ultra-exclusive F1 Paddock passes which don’t only help you make the most of the races, but of the legendary Montreal F1 nightlife allowing you VIP entry to clubs that others will wait in lineups for all night long and never get into. A few of our ultra-exclusive Montreal Grand Prix packages are still available!!!

Montreal Grand Prix Tips - Party Picture - Montreal VIP

Montreal Grand Prix Tips are only the beginning of how we can help you with getting around for Montreal Grand Prix weekend.

Fast track your way to Montreal Grand Prix as it should be with Montreal VIP! We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about how to organize the most epic Grand Prix week-end.


Montreal Festivals for September, 2013

If you missed out on The International Film Festival—just wrapping up yesterday—don’t fear, there are still plenty of gastronomic and artistic ways to satisfying your Montreal festival hunger this month.

Here is an overview on 3 of the top Montreal festivals going down for September, 2013:
Montreal Burger Week

When: September 1-4

Where: various Montreal restaurants

What: 30 Montreal restaurants compete for the best burger, allowing you to sample a unique creation at each for $10 and vote on your favorite. Restaurants include Newtown, Uniburger, Blackstrap BBQ, Miss Pret à Manger , Globe.

Vote for your favorite and get other info at:

Price: $10 / burger


When: September 8, 1pm-9pm

Where: Terrasses Bonsecours, Old Port Quays

What: The 5th annual, not-for-profit Oysterfest this year features a (oh-so-Canadian) Caesar making contest sponsored by Mott’s Clamato juice, the yearly shucking competition, and of course, oysters you can sample from 20 of Montreal’s finest restaurants. Before you “feel too bad” about the gooey little guys (not that you would, if you’re going…) all proceeds go to the Open Pier Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting aquatic life. Arrive early.

For more info/ tickets go to: or evenko:

Price: $43 to $75+

POP Montreal

When: September 25-29

Where: POP Montreal headquarters (Quartiers POP) at Ecole des Beaux Arts de Montreal, many other locations

What: Not-for-profit multidisciplinary arts festival POP Montreal is in its 12th year, bringing you the best in “now” and emerging independent artists, with a five-day festival composed of everything from live music to visual art exhibits, fashion shows, film screenings and more. Free events include the kickoff party on September 4 at SAT, with giveaways for first 50 guests, DJing throughout the evening, and food and drinks available on site.

The highlight for many is the music, and this year should not disappoint with artists including The Dream, Shuggie Ottis, original Parliament members Fred Wesley and Bernie Worriell, The Fred Eaglesmith Traveling Steam Show, and so much more…

If there is one POP show you know you can’t miss, it’s good to know that POP offers a Day Pass for a $10 upgrade upon purchase of a ticket—so you can see all other shows for that day at a great discount. See the POP Montreal website for details on the POP Hopper Upgrade and other info at:

Price: Some events free, some $$$

For details on some of the other notable shows and concerts happening this month, check out Montreal nightlife events for September, 2013.

Couple-Friendly Montreal Strip Clubs

Guy don’t want chocolates, flowers, or a sappy movie for Valentine’s Day…But if you are looking to spice things up (and are up for it!) you can definitely blow him away with the gift of Montreal strip clubs for a couple’s getaway!

Are women welcome at Montreal strip clubs?

While girlfriends may not be welcome at most Montreal bachelor parties, women are very welcome at Montreal’s strip clubs: male and female. In fact, many Montreal strip clubs (with female dancers) let women in for free cover…Still, don’t forget to tip the bouncer.

Are Montreal strip clubs couple-friendly?

Most Montreal strip clubs are very couple-friendly, but it depends on the type of strip club you are looking for.

The “safe” route: Non-contact strip clubs

Clubs deemed “classier” because they are non-contact (such as Chez Parée, although FYI they do now offer private contact dances) are often very popular with couples, and you will often see many others couples there when you go.

The naughty route: full contact strip clubs

If she is really up for it, Montreal’s full contact strip clubs are friendly to strippers as well, and more than happy to perform lap dances for couples where either one of you can watch or both join in on the fun. You will often see a handful of other couples at these clubs, as well.

Lap dances

Some Montreal strip clubs (especially non contact ones) will do lap dances out in the open (called ‘table dances’ at no-contact strip clubs), but many will give you the option of this or of more private entertainment…So if you are into entertaining yourselves and not necessarily all the skeezes at the club, make sure you go for the private lap dances.

While Montreal strip clubs are couple-friendly, they aren’t a standard feature of our couple’s getaway package for a reason…They are not for everyone. However, if you are up for it, going through us is the way to go, as without careful planning and the right insider’s connections and wisdom, your quest for fantasy can turn nightmarish fast. [Post about possible problems couples encounter at Montreal strip clubs coming soon.

Nyotaimori is An Ultra-Elite Experience That Can Take Any Event to The Next Level

If the idea of a sushi feast prepared by a master chef and artfully presented on one of Montreal’s finest models doesn’t interest you in the least, then feel free to stop reading.

If you’re like most guys and it sounds like a fantasy that can’t possibly be real you need to know about the body sushi packages offered by Montreal VIP. Nyotaimori is an ultra-exclusive experience that only a select few men get to try, making it the ideal choice when you want to make a business gathering, Montreal bachelor party, divorce party, or other Montreal celebration absolutely unforgettable. Our Montreal body sushi packages include the following:

A private Tatami room at a five-star Japanese restaurant in Montreal for up to ten people
A trained Montreal body sushi model–Truly a treat for the eyes because of the artfully laid-out sushi on top and what’s underneath!
An amazing two-course sushi dinner prepared by a highly-trained sushi chef with dessert, tea, and coffee served afterward

You can also select from a number of optional package add-ons, including Montreal limousine service, an after-dinner trip to the Montreal nightclubs where you’ll get VIP treatment and bottle service at a private table, Montreal hotel accommodations, or even multiple models if one work of living art just isn’t enough.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to combine the flavors of sushi with the raw beauty of a nude model who is literally “only there to serve.” We are the only company in Montreal that offers Nyotaimori so contact us to arrange your Japanese dining experience guaranteed to tantalize all the senses.
Montreal body sushi model
Nyotaimori is the perfect blend of tempting sights and tastes

Montreal Grey Cup 2008

Attention CFL fans: the Grey Cup is coming to Montreal November 23rd! However if you are a fan of the Canadian Football league you probable already know this. If you don’t know what this is think of it as the Canadian super bowl, just more affordable and less commercial. Overall the buzz here in Montreal is pretty amazing and everyone is gearing up for this event, Montreal VIP included. We have created unique VIP packages for the Montreal Grey Cup . Packages are customized to what you want to do: Strip clubs, night clubs, restaurants, and hotels. Due to high demand for this weekend we have a limited number of packages so call today!

Montreal Strip Club for Women: le 281

If you are planning a Montreal bachelorette party, le 281 is basically a must not only because it’s the only Montreal strip club with male dancers (for women others are mostly frequented by gay men) but because the guys there are actually really hot.

Le 281 is a longstanding legend that pretty much every girl in Montreal, their Mom and their little sister (18 and over!) has been to for a bachelorette party in Montreal…And for good reason (namely, the previously mentioned premium Canadian bacon)!

Whether you are a girl browsing bachelorette party ideas to go or a guy curious about what exactly will go down here when your girlfriend or fiancée comes, here’s the low down on le 281:

What is it like?

The curiosity-inducing curtain at around 8:30, kicking the entertainment off with the foreplay of some hilarious but hot “Back-Back Street Boys” type dance moves. Other shows to expect throughout the evening include stage shows, each with a different, Calendar-Hunk-esque type theme (painter, businessman, even, yes, Titanic). Often, guys will get the stage show “victim” to tie them up, spank them, even get on top of them for something that well…Certainly does involve contact!

When the curtain closes between shows, the boys start making the rounds for lap dances.

All in all? Expect to be a lot more entertained that you may have bargained for, both in laughter and lust!

Lap dances?

The kinda bad new (if you are a girl—jealous guys, breathe a sigh of relief): No contact* (no touching the dancers). The up side? The lapdances are only $10, the dancers get fully ‘Monty’d (naked), and they might just touch you. They don’t get on your lap, they usually put a stool in front of you and perform an erotic dance up close and personal…But most ladies find these “close encounters of the third kind of leg” to be quite sufficient, especially considering the quality specimen who is ‘delivering the package…’ Also, they often will ask you to touch them during a lap dance or a stage show.

*Wondering WTF?

Don’t worry, if you are looking to rival the groom’s Montreal bachelor party strippers “tit for tat”, of course Sin Cité has a full contact answer for that! If you are looking for full contact male strippers for her bachelorette party, we can hook your group up with a sexy full contact show with male strippers at the hotel or at your house.


Cover: $7 on Thursdays, $12 on Fridays and Saturdays. Tip the bouncer to get a decent seat and yes, you have to get drinks while you are there. As mentioned above, lap dances are $10, and you can also get half hour lap dances for $70.


Unlike in Montreal strip clubs for men (note: women are welcome in those too!), you can get a picture with the dancers at le 281 for a $12 fee. (If the bride-to-be has a jealous fiancée, be forewarned that the cost may be far greater!).


Yes, you can expect lineups. So if you want a good seat (because the place is massive, with some seats a long way away from the stage), get there before 8pm, although if not in a big group, expect to get seated with others…

…Or, if you aren’t messing around, go with us. No lineups, best seats in the house, best service, guaranteed, all night long.

Stage shows?

Yep, we can definitely hook you up with a stage show for the blushing bride, or you can make arrangements with the club in advance.
Our customizable bachelorette party packages can include VIP at this or other Montreal strip clubs (at le 281, VIP booths offer greater intimacy and will get you the best attention and treatment for your group), including VIP entry: especially great for the ever-popular le 281, where the lineups on weekends get as long as the…well, you get the idea.
Bachelor_bachelorette_party_in_Montreal _2_

Montreal Bachelor Parties in Winter: The Nightlife

During winter in Montreal you might not get as much daylight, but don’t worry, you get just as much skin.

Montreal Nightclubs

Beloved by every Montreal bachelor party, our huge student population (that’s our excuse, anyway) ensures that Montreal nightlife is the gift that keeps on giving, year round! Just make sure you bring real shoes (no running shoes) and a jacket, and of course, that you go with us and get VIP past the lineups…Because if the groom-to-be is getting cold feet about anything, it shouldn’t be from waiting out in the cold during his bachelor party.

Wandering around also can turn the most awesome Montreal bachelor party lame faster than giving the groom a scrap book of marriage advise…So save the gambling for the Montreal Casino and leave location selection, VIP entrance and bottle service up to us.

Montreal Limousine

Driving around can be a hassle in winter, and it goes without saying is not a good idea during a Montreal bachelor party…Get noticed in a big way when your group and—why not—some models step out of the limo and stroll past the lineups. Yes, we provide both.

Montreal Restaurants

Nothings beats the cold like calories, so let him indulge now before his new “Dr. Mom” takes full charge of his menu. At Montreal VIP we understand the importance of the bachelor party tradition of feasting, so don’t forget that our Montreal bachelor party packages can include exclusive reservations as well as restaurant deals.

Montreal Strip Clubs

It shouldn’t be news to most of you that anytime to visit our gentlemen’s clubs is a good time (except of course, during the day…), and there’s no shortage of “northern exposure” to enjoy here during the colder months.

The problem in paradise is just the opposite: the strip clubs are as packed as the bars after hockey games and on the weekends, so you might deal with big lineups and not get the full access to our full contact strippers you came for.

The decisions you should be faced with at a strip club in Montreal should be as challenging as blonde or brunette…Not should we wait outside this club or walk to another, or should we or should we not hit the best man for bringing us to the one non-contact strip club in Montreal.

We will make sure that your Sin Cité experience is er –hard—in only the right ways. You may have heard that Montreal strippers are friendly…Find out how friendly they really are as VIPs.