Mike, New York

It was FANTASTIC. you guys did an excellent job. I could not have been happier with the whole thing from beginning to end.
The hotel was great and right in the middle of everything. A++
The itinerary was well planned out and gave us time to wind down, get rebooted and hit the town. we were not rushed for anything, and it all worked out perfectly. The places you guy selected all worked out well and it fit our group as a whole. You were right about that place. it is great.

Our host, was the man. It may sound weird, but it’s almost like I left there and made a new friend in him. he was awesome. always on time, when we were always late and he was just like one of the guys which was huge. If I’m ever in town again, you guys will certainly hear from me.

In short, it was perfect. I would not have changed a thing about it, and I’m VERY happy we booked through you and I CERTAINLY hope to use you guys again.

Thanks Again!