Greg S, NYC

Now that the whirlwind of my brothers bachelor party and wedding is over, I wanted to get back to you re: our experience in Montreal.

Overall, the Montreal VIP experience was very, very positive. You were great to communicate with prior to the trip — you always answered my many questions with grace and professionalism, and were almost always available when I called.

Our host proved to be a very good host — he handled it well and worked toward providing a quick and effective solution. His presentation at the suite upon the group’s arrival was quite impressive, by the way. After his welcome speech the group felt that they were in great hands.

Dinner was wonderful.

So, I’d say the experience was, overall, very good.

That’s really about it. Host was great, the service was great, and, most importantly, I’d recommed your service to any friends who may be considering a party in Montreal in the future. I plan to come up again with my wife, as I know she’d enjoy your beautiful city as much as I did.

Thanks, Jay, for everything. I hope this feedback is helpful.