Cheryl, Toronto

Things are great.. Still recovering from the weekend!

The weekend was unbelievable. Way above what I had expected. The girls and the bride especially had such an amazing time.

It was so organized, very professional, so pleased with the hotel, clubs, spa and restaurants!!!! They were definitely topnotch!

The host Alicia was so great. Very friendly, sincere, and always checking in on us to make sure we were having a good time and doing okay.

When you said VIP treatment you really meant it!

It was really great to work with you on this. You were so great! You definitely helped me plan an amazing bachelorette weekend for the girls… and made my job as MOH a lot easier.

I met a few people in the club who have booked with other companies, and told them they should have booked with Montreal VIP because of the outstanding service we received!

We will probably be in touch again in the future I’m sure… I have a couple of friends that will be getting married in the future, and want to go back!
(I have fallen in love with Montreal all over again — love love love the people so friendly! )

Thanks so much,