C Cassidy, Boston

Dimitri and Mike were great! Mike was especially adept at dealing with us initially because some of my friends decided they wanted to play hard ball with him. Thankfully he did not take it personally! Everything worked really well. Even when there was a miscommunication at the strip club about if we had the Bachelor show or not, Mike got right on top of it and made it happen with perfect timing.

The club was crazy. There were so many people there, I am impressed that Mike and Dimitri were able to keep track of our group and get us in. The press of bodies was ridiculous. I am really glad we had Dimitri and Mike on our side when we went in there cause there was no way I could have done that myself. At one point a bouncer tried to deny me entry and we lost a friend, but Dimitri and Mike not only found the lost guy but made sure we both got into the upstairs area in which we were supposed to be. Personally the club had a larger crowd than I usually like to hang with, but having our own personal space made it worth while. I think everyone had a pretty amazing time.

I cannot thank you, Dimitri, and Mike enough! You made what I had imagined possible. It was like herding cats the night before when we went out by ourselves, so having y’all set a plan down ahead of time and execute it over us was great.

Of course I would like it to be less expensive, but for such an important event, there is no hesitation using The Montreal VIP experts.