Brady, NYC

I just recently went on my friend Jasons bachelor party in Montreal
and used Montreal VIP. Our hostess was AWESOME!!!! If there was ever an issue with a bouncer or anything, she was on it and made sure we never had to worry about anything! She took care of everything we could possibly want during our two night stay and made my friends bachelor party a trip he will never forget.

She lived up to your company name and made sure we all felt like VIPs
every second we were there. Not only that but she was so friendly and
cool that everyone on the trip felt very comfortable around her which
helped make the trip so much fun.

If I had to think of something negative to say about my experience I
would say that our hostess was so cool that it sucks not knowing if Ill
ever see her again…….but then again, she was so amazing that when
it comes time for my bachelor party I know exactly what company I will
be using and who I will be requesting as my hostess. Thank you guys
for everything.