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Why Winging it Will Not Cut it For a Montreal Bachelor Party

February 19th, 2012 by

If you are in charge of planning a Montreal bachelor party it may be tempting to leave most of the itinerary blank and assume that everything will simply fall into place once your Montreal limousine drops your group off at the hotel. After all, you’re traveling with a group of guys who are up for anything and know how to have a good time. What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, this type of thinking has made countless Montreal bachelor parties that could have been legendary fairly…well…mediocre. In your hometown and in smaller cities playing things by ear could work. Why? Because there might be one or two strip clubs, a few nightclubs, and a couple dozen restaurants. But…there are dozens of Montreal strip clubs, hundreds of Montreal night clubs, and thousands of Montreal restaurants. That means you need to have a plan of attack and insider knowledge to arrange a blowout that focuses on only the finest Montreal strippers, clubs, and high-end dining establishments.

Montreal VIP’s Montreal bachelor party packages make it easy to create a completely customized itinerary that addresses every aspect of this once-in-a-lifetime guys-only getaway. And when you work with us you’ll also get informed recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and of course the wild nightlife. Instead of wandering aimlessly (and possibly finding yourself in the Montreal nightlife location known as “The Village”) night after night, you’ll be sipping top-shelf alcohol in posh VIP lounges and attracting curious stares from ladies who look like super models. Montreal is one city where a little advanced planning is definitely better than complete spontaneity.

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