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Classy Montreal Bachelor Party Activities (Part 2)

September 7th, 2012 by

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At Montreal VIP, we believe you can have it all, and can take care of planning a bachelor party for you with a well-rounded itinerary that is both classy and manly.

As any fun-loving connoisseur of the finer things in life could tell you, refined knowledge about life’s pleasures only give you more, not less excuses to indulge…

Classy Activity Ideas:

Learn How to Cook (and Eat up Montreal Foodie Culture)

Wise married men will tell you that cooking is an absolutely invaluable marriage skill. Take a cooking class with one of the city’s top chefs as part of a Montreal culinary tour—there is no classier way toast the groom than living up Montreal gastronomy at the city’s most elite and unparalleled restaurants and supper clubs.

Learn How to Dress

It has often been said that clothes make the man, and if your buddy is getting married, it might be time to give some sparkle to his style that doesn’t come from glittery ‘spray-on tattoo style’ shirts, bedazzled pocket-snap jeans, or whatever unfortunate clothing he has. Montreal is seriously the best place for men to do this, offering all the big no-brainer labels as well as uniquely stylish boutiques you won’t find anywhere else. Hire him a personal shopper or ask your VIP host for tips on where to go…If he doesn’t want be dressed by his fiancée for his whole life, he better start learning how to shop now!

Learn How to Party with some Class

When it comes time for many guys to get married, they usually have already experienced their fair share of night clubs. Whether you are used to upscale partying or not, there’s nothing better than elite Montreal nightlife to raise your partying standards—and no better time than his bachelor party to do it.

We are Montreal’s premier VIP service and exclusive nightlife itinerary planners, and whether it’s pubs, lounges, night clubs, or strip clubs, we will hook you up with the very best this nightlife-loving city has to offer.

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