Bachelor Party Ideas

Montreal VIP has collected many great ideas for bachelor parties over the years. Read our guide to help you choose those features that will make your bachelor party perfect and an event your friends will talk about forever.

Watch the video below for a quick tour of what our bachelor parties are all about:

Bachelor party planning you must establish the basics. Obviously, you need to decide on a date and the number of guests, but don’t overlook crucial factors such as how to handle costs and some guests’ particular needs.

The bachelor had a great time and we all had a wonderful experience. Our host Ed was unbelievable and was able to get us everything and anything that we wanted.
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Who is your party for? Don’t be too quick to answer “the groom”. It has been our experience that other guests may appreciate the party even more than the guest of honour.

Take a few minutes to build a profile of your group. This is crucial to planning the best possible experience. Do you know everyone that is attending? Do you know what they expect from a bachelor party? What is your budget, or your guests’ budgets? Be sure to get this important information from everyone who plans to attend your function.

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